A town divided on immigration. <br/>A young person’s first chance to vote. <br/>How will she decide?

A town divided on immigration.
A young person’s first chance to vote.
How will she decide?

February 2nd 2018 | 9.30 am

Burnet News Club Live is The Economist Educational Foundation’s latest immersive event for young people. On February 2nd 2018, schools around the UK will join together for discussion and decision-making about immigration.

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Robyn King Robyn King Robyn is a first-time voter from Seabourne. She is trying to decide which local MP to support; one is pro-immigration, one is anti-immigration.
Mishraz Alvi Mishraz Alvi Mishraz works in the local shop; he knows Robyn through school. Mishraz moved to the UK from Pakistan when he was really young.
Kyle Turner Kyle Turner Kyle is a builder in Seabourne. He wants to buy a house for him and his girlfriend but is struggling to save up the cash.
Mrs Abbey Mrs Abbey Mrs Abbey moved to the UK with her husband around 50 years ago. Sadly, he died and she now lives alone in Seabourne. She knows Robyn through her granddaughter, Janie.
Dr Doreen Lewis Dr Doreen Lewis Doreen is a doctor in the busy Seabourne hospital. She is pretty clued up on the facts about immigration, especially how it affects the NHS.